much needed service

Somehow there are some stray dogs that like to leave their mess in my front yard and I get tired of cleaning it up, Scooper Dave to the rescue. I don't even have a pet and I am not gonna clean up someone else's pet's mess. Great service. Glad you exist.


low cost

All I need to say is that Scooper Dave is High Quality and Low Cost! I am a happy customer!


Great Work!!!

I am so glad that I found Scooper Dave. He was on time, and he did an amzing job. It's so nice to have a clean yard, and have a affordable option to get it that way. With Work, the Kids, and everything else, there really isn't much time be me to worry about what the dogs left in the yard, and with Scooper Dave, I don't have to!


Love my Zoey

I love my pit..however I am not the type to pick up her waste...Thanks scooper dave for taking care of the waste!

Reliable & Affordable

Scooper Dave really has great service. They are always there when they are supposed to be and I really feel like they care about my pet. I would recommend this service to everyone. Thanks Dave.


Scooper Dave is GREAT!


Reliable, Dependable, and a Great Service! That's what you need these days!